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  • Encreur XL - Noir

    InkPad XL - Black

  • Encreur S - Noir

    InkPad S - Black

  • Recharge Noir

    Recharge Noir

  • Etoile III - Tatouage Temporaire

    Etoile III -...

  • Petite Fée - Tatouage Temporaire

    Petite Fée -...

  • Etoile mini - Tatouage Temporaire

    Etoile mini -...

  • Bodyglue 7ml

    Bodyglue 7ml

  • Fleur - Tatouage Temporaire

    Fleur - Tatouage...

  • Papillon - Tatouage Temporaire

    Papillon -...

  • Patte de chat - Tatouage Temporaire

    Patte de chat -...

Best sellers

Secure payment

Our secure payment

We offer several methods of payment on our website.

Payment by credit card / Visa / Mastercard

Our website accepts payment by credit card CB, Visa and Mastercard via E-Transaction (Credit Agricole). This solution is 100% secure and French-Tatoo never have banking information of its customers.

Payment by Paypal

Pay by PayPal account or by credit card on the Paypal site. The transaction is 100% secured with SSL protection.

You are 100% hedged against fraudulent use of your PayPal account.

Payment by Bank Transfer

You can settle by bank transfer (RIB / IBAN). During the ordering process on our website, IBAN will be displayed and sent by e-mail.

The average time is found in the range of 2 to 3 days.